Mastering Django Core for Django 1.11

Many of you have asked me about a new version of the book for Django 1.11 LTS, however I haven’t been all that committed to a definitive answer.

This has been because I have been considering three options:

  1. Update the current book for Django 1.11 LTS
  2. Write a completely different book covering 1.11 LTS
  3. Go with an offer from a traditional publisher to write a new book.

Option 2 is a great idea, but would mean you would have to wait until next year to get a new book.

Problem with option 3 was I would lose all control over the book – so you would lose the content as a free resource (was never going to happen while I am in control of the site).

So, in the interest of remaining independent, and getting you what you need as soon as possible – I am going with option 1 and, from this week I am starting to update all of the book content on the site.

This also means that there will be a new print book and eBook available late August.

Get the New Book for $5

I make no secret of the fact that it’s your support buying electronic and print copies of the book that keep this site alive. It gives me that little bit of income necessary to pay costs and keep the content current and free.

If you are considering buying the eBook now and wonder whether you shouldn’t wait for the new book, please accept my offer of the new book for $5 to everyone who buys the current version of the eBook from Gumroad.

When the new book comes out, I will send an email and special offer price to everyone who has purchased the book on Gumroad. So make sure you leave a permanent email address!

This of course means that if you already own the eBook and have bought it from Gumroad, you will get the same offer.

Paperback and Kindle are a little harder, because I have Amazon to deal with, but expect special launch prices for these too. Best way to ensure you get notification of the launch is to jump on the mailing list (signup and bottom of page).

Thanks again for your support, and all the best with your programming.

Big Nige 🙂

Get the eBook from Gumroad here.