The Django Book

This is the Table of Contents for the free online version of  the original Mastering Django: Core (The Django Book).

The code in this book is a mix of Django 1.8 and Django 1.11 code. Basically it’s a bit of a mess because I never got a chance to finish it before Django 1.11 came and went.

We now have Django 2, so this content will not be updated. For updates on the new book see here.

It’s OK to still use this content, as the concepts are sound an any chapters marked [UPDATED] in the Table of Contents are for Django 1.11 LTS, which is  a current version of Django with support until 2020. 

All chapters not marked as updated are for Django 1.8, which is no longer supported. Use at your own risk.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: Django Views and URLconfs

Chapter 3: Django Templates

Chapter 4: Django Models

Chapter 5: The Django Admin Site

Chapter 6: Django Forms

Django Forms [UPDATED]
Form Validation [UPDATED]
Tying Forms to Views [UPDATED]

Chapter 7: Advanced Views and URLconfs

Chapter 9: Advanced Models

Chapter 10: Generic Views

Chapter 12: Testing in Django

Chapter 16: Django's Cache Framework

Chapter 17: Django Middleware

Chapter 20: More on Installing Django

Chapter 21: Advanced Databases

Appendix A: Model Definition Reference

Appendix B: Database API Reference

Appendix C: Generic View Reference

Appendix D: Django Settings

Appendix E: Built-in Tags and Filters

Appendix F: Request and Response Objects

Appendix G: Developing Django With Visual Studio