Mastering Django: Core

Want a book on the Django web framework that doesn’t leave anything out?

Mastering Django: Core delivers absolutely everything you will ever need to know to become a master Django programmer:

  • Detailed installation instructions for Python and Django to get you up and running fast.
  • Starts at an absolute beginners level and builds your skills to mastery
  • Written in an easy, conversational style. Jargon and new concepts are introduced in plain language to increase your understanding quickly.
  • Answers all of the most common questions asked by new Django programmers.
  • Leaves nothing out – every part of the Django core is covered.
  • Covers the long-term support version of Django which means your skills will be up to date for many years.

And you don’t have to take my word for it – Mastering Django: Core has thousands of happy readers, with the list growing every day. 

Here’s what some of them have to say:

“What a great book!” Luis – Caracas, Venezuela

“thanks for the amazing resource!!” Nick – Toronto, Canada

“Thanks for your book too – I LOVE IT! As a beginner Python programmer, it’s helped me go from having no knowledge of webdev to having a pretty nice site very quickly.” Mike – Austin, Texas USA

“I’m loving the book – it’s by far the most useful resource I’ve found to follow up on the django tutorial – so many thanks!” Toby – Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“your book fills a large gap in presenting Django in a logical, organized and comprehensive way. You’ve done a terrific job.” Joao – Porto Alegre, Brazil

“My devs are loving your book – they say this is the first book which goes into in-depth discussion of Django’s core features” Habib – Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Enjoy you programming journey!



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