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Mastering Django – The Book

UPDATE: Pre-release Available!

After over a year of hard slog, the book is done (finally!!).

If you bought the Early Access version, watch out in your inbox for a link to your free copy of the pre-release.

If you didn't buy the Early Access, and want to get in early before the book is published, the pre-release is available for purchase below.

Pre-release Features:

  • Complete Book - all the chapters from the finished book.
  • Get in Early - get access to the book months ahead of the general public.
  • Printer-friendly Format - the pre-release is the last PDF version of the book that will be released in easy-to-print US Letter format.
  • Free Upgrade - get the PDF and the ePub version of the published book for free when they're released.
mastering django prerelease cover

Mastering Django: Free Chapters

Want to know what's inside the book? Check out the free chapters* below.

*The free chapters and the book contents are slightly different as the free chapters are a couple of edits behind the pre-release version. I will be updating the free chapters once the book is published.

End of Free Content

To get the remaining chapters of the book, you will need to buy the book.