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Mastering Django – The Book

At this stage, the book is a WORKING DRAFT.

I am publishing the content as I go, so you have immediate access to what I am working on.

The downside of this approach is that things will change, there's lots of typo's and lots of TODOs in the content.

Please understand that instant access to the inner workings of my monkey brain does have consequences.

I will let you know when I want feedback from you RE typo's, dud code etc. You may, however, send me high praise at any time - I live for good news.

Big Nige 🙂

UPDATE: The Book Will Cover Django 2 and 3

Now Django 3.0 alpha is out and we have a feature freeze it's clear that Django 3 is, well, a heck of a lot like Django 2...

Why the Django developers would release a "feature" version decidedly lacking in new features is beyond me, but it's a plus for you because I can give you a book that covers Django 2.2 (which is still supported for another 3 years) and Django 2.3 3.

(And before we have that argument - "async support" is about 9 lightyears away from "async Django". Moving on.)

Mastering Django: Table of Contents

End of Free Content

To get the remaining chapters of the book, you will need to buy the final version when it's released.

In the mean time, you can join the waiting list.