Mastering Django 2 – The Book

Looking for the original Mastering Django book? You can still access it here.

Django beginner? I have a new Django book for beginners, written for Django 2.1. You can buy it here.

Introducing Mastering Django 2: Core

With the release of Django 2, a lot has changed in the Django world.

Not just because we have finally got rid of the complications with having to deal with both Python 2 and 3, but also because of the numerous new features, tweaks, updates and optimizations that ensures that Django just keeps getting better and better.

A lot has changed in my world too. I was totally buried in work in 2017, so Django 1.11 kind of came and went without any serious updates to Mastering Django: Core. Seeing no end to the stress and the pressure with the day job, I made the decision to quit the corporate world and concentrate on my writing and teaching full-time.

This is great news for you - because I now have a lot more time available to concentrate on putting together an awesome collection of resources to help you master Django.

What many of you may not know, is that the current book is an update of the original book written by the creators of Django - Adrian Holovaty and Jacob Kaplan-Moss. Given that the book has been around since Django 1.1, it has got pretty dated. There are also a lot of similarities to the Django docs in several chapters.

(FUNNY ASIDE: I have actually had a couple of people email me and take me to task for copying the docs. Lol! Given that the guys who wrote the original book also wrote the original docs, that's going to happen folks!)

Now I have the time, I have decided to start with a clean sheet of paper for Mastering Django 2.

First and foremost, it will remain the definitive reference to all the core functionalities of Django - so the plain English, easy to follow deep-dive into all of Django's functions will not change in the new book.

Second, the book will compliment the existing docs, not just reproduce them in a different format. I am removing all of the original material from Jacob and Adrian's book and all of the material that can be found in the Django documentation. There are lots of topics that are not covered adequately in the docs, which provides ample opportunity for me to create resources that will make you a better Django programmer.

Third, the book will take a more practical, project-oriented approach. It's impossible to put all of Django's functions into a single app, but the book will take concepts, expand them into examples and then put some of them to use in a real website project. Source code will also be available for Mastering Django 2.

And finally, the book will remain free to access and read right here on Forever. As with the previous book, you will be able to buy PDF, eBook and paperback versions with all income from sales supporting the project, allowing me to keep the core content ad free and accessible to all.

Exciting times ahead! 🙂

All the best with your programming journey!

Big Nige 🙂