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Django 2 Beginners Course

Django Website Course 2.2

You just want to build a website with Django. Something you can use; something to be proud of...

... but all you can find is scattered tutorials and -gag- yet another polls app.

You find a course that might be useful and it's like "You want me to set up a Git Repo and Docker and install this and that. Why can't you just show me how Django actually works??"

After wasting a whole lot of time you don't have, you finally get something that might work - but it's for an old version of Django. AARGH!

I feel your pain.

Learn Django 2... Guaranteed

Django often gets a bad rap for being complicated, but that's because it's near impossible to get a clear picture of how it all comes together when you're trying to learn from fragmented and often outdated tutorials and courses.

I feel your pain because I have been exactly where you are now. It's frustration with existing Django resources that inspired me to write this course.

The course is designed to guide you along the path from zero knowledge to deploying a fully functioning Django website.

With over 3 hours of HD video, PDF transcripts, source code and links to useful Django resources, the course has all you need to gain a thorough understanding of Django 2:

  • In Module 1, I explain where Django fits in the web programming world and how all the various bits work together to create powerful and scalable web applications.
  • In Module 2, I show you my super simple install configuration that will get Python and Django installed and running on your computer in less than 30 minutes.
  • Module 3 is a Python primer for programmers who are learning Python at the same time as Django.
  • In Modules 4 to 7, I show you how Django's models, templates and views work, stepping through and explaining each line of code so you know how to structure a complete website.
  • In Modules 8 & 9, I show you how to build simple and complex forms.
  • In Modules 10 & 11, I teach you how to master user management in Django.
  • And finally, in Module 12, I show you how to deploy your website to the Internet, ready to show the world.

What the course isn't is a deep-dive into Django's core functions. The course is designed to give you a broad understanding of how all the bits of Django come together which, in my experience, makes understanding more complex topics much easier.

Super Convenient Download

Forget about having to sign up and manage subscriptions and logins - just download, extract the files and complete offline in your own time at your own pace.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

I'm so confident you will get results from this course that I am offering you a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

What others are saying...

"I've been through half a dozen books and walkthroughs but still left feeling like I couldn't build a solution on my own. After taking Nige's course, I feel far more confident about the process of building a Django website than I have with all the books combined." - Jim S

"This course fits my needs perfectly. Nigel explains every line of code, he allows you to pause the video to catch up, the flow just seems right. It was worth my money." - Carlos G