Django 1.11 is Coming

Django 1.11 is coming in 2017.

What makes that exciting for me is that from 2018 onward, Django 1.11 will become the new Long Term Support (LTS) version of Django.

That also means that, over the next year and a bit, I will be developing and writing a brand new version of Mastering Django: Core.

Many of you have provided great feedback on the current version of the book, and I want to make sure that I not only keep all the bits you love, but also make sure I include all your suggestions to make the new version even better.

So here is what I plan on keeping:

  • Detailed installation instructions for Python and Django to get you up and running fast.
  • Start at an absolute beginners level and builds your skills to mastery.
  • Keep the easy, conversational style of writing – ensuring jargon and new concepts are introduced in plain language to increase your understanding quickly.
  • Answer all of the most common questions asked by new Django programmers; and
  • Leave nothing out – ensure every part of the Django core is covered.

Outside of keeping those core principles, I want to do something completely new with the next version.

A very common theme to the feedback I have received from you is that, while the book covers all the important stuff, it doesn’t build to something practical that you can use in your job or as an example of the skills that you have learned.

So this is the journey I want to take you on with the new book – teach you all you need to know about mastering Django and provide you with the opportunity to come away with a fully developed, complete modern website that you can adapt for your employer, your own business or your customers.

Excited? I know I am 🙂

You can also help make the new version even greater – tell me what you would really like to see in the new version of the book by sending me an email to nigel at masteringdjango dot com.

All the best with your programming journey and thank you for your support.