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I am excited to announce that 2018 is going to be a big year for courses here at the Django Book!

I have several courses in development - to save you checking back for updates, I have created a waiting list for each of the courses which you can join below.

As an added incentive, everyone who is on the waiting list will get access to the course before the general public and receive a special supporters discount on launch.

Django for Beginners

The Build your first website with Django 2.1 Course teaches you the basics of Django by leading you step by step through the development and deployment of a simple website. At the end of the course you will not only know the basics of Django, but have your own, fully functioning website to show your friends and potential employers.

Intermediate to Advanced Django

advanced django website course

The Build a professional website with Django 2.1 Course takes up where the beginning course leaves off and leads the learner far deeper into the core functions of Django - building a website that includes Bootstrap integration, complex models and views, advanced forms, user management, search, RSS and much more.

You will be following a professional development workflow, with test-driven development, project planning, iterative development, source control and deployment and testing in production.