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Jun 18

Python For Django Programmers – Part 3

By big-nige | tutorials

In this final introductory tutorial on Python for Django programmers, I will be explaining how to catch errors with Python, discussing functions and classes in Python, explaining how packages, modules and the dot operator work in Python and finishing with a brief explanation of how regular expressions work in Python and Django.

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May 12

Django Overview

By big-nige | tutorials

In this chapter, we will cover the basic structure of Django and how all the pieces come together to create a web application.

After researching the Internet and analyzing feedback from my own audience, I believe the majority of queries from those considering learning Django come down to two common questions:

  1. Why should I use Django—What problems can Django solve?; and
  2. How does it all fit together?

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May 09

Why Django?

By big-nige | tutorials

There is little doubt that Django is only one of many web frameworks available.

However, over the last decade, Django has distinguished itself as one of the leading frameworks for developing scalable, secure and maintainable web applications.

This is no fluke.

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