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Mastering Django 2 – The Book

At this stage, the book is a WORKING DRAFT.

I am publishing the content as I go, so you have immediate access to what I am working on.

The downside of this approach is that things will change, there's lots of typo's and lots of TODOs in the content.

Please understand that instant access to the inner workings of my monkey brain does have consequences.

I will let you know when I want feedback from you RE typo's, dud code etc. You may, however, send me high praise at any time - I live for good news.

Big Nige 🙂

Pre-sale Open

If you want to support this site and my writing, the best way to do that is grab a pre-sale or early version of the book.

As always, the earlier you buy the book, the bigger the discount I give you as a thank you for your support.

Mastering Django 2 will have 3 releases:

  1. Pre-sale* - $19. Available Now.
  2. Early Access - $29 for PDF. 
  3. Final Release - $49 for PDF. Other eBook formats and paperback also available.

* When you purchase pre-sale, you will receive a download link to an empty file. You can ignore this link - it's just a placeholder required by my download management software. You will be automatically sent a link to the Early Access version once it's released.

Mastering Django 2: Table of Contents

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